A capsule wardrobe can save your sanity


You’ve been there. Staring into your overcrowded closet. Waiting for a stroke of genius to hit you, on how to wear that shirt/jacket/dress you bought a year ago and still haven’t quite figured out. But you’re running late for work, so instead, you pull on your ‘go-to’ outfit, and run out the door. You love this outfit. It fits great, and you feel comfortable and confident in it. Then why do you feel guilty that you’re wearing it...again? Maybe because you have 50 other outfits in your closet that never see the light of day? You spent a lot of money on that wardrobe, you really should get more use out of it, right? Tomorrow. Tomorrow you’ll make a point to wear at least one piece you haven’t worn in a while.

Cut to tomorrow….

Running late for work….staring into closet while brushing teeth….throws clothes on bed….gives up and pulls on another version of ‘go-to outfit’.....repeats cycle of feeling simultaneously comfortable and guilty. Repeat for 50+years.

There is another way. A capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is comprised of a few essential, versatile items, that are timeless and well made, so they will stand the test of time. A ‘few items’ will mean something different to everyone. Perhaps you are comfortable having 20 items in your closet, maybe 40. The idea is to keep your options limited, so avoid getting into triple digits.

easiest way to start is to empty your closet onto your bed and be prepared to look at every single piece with a critical eye. Have you worn it in the past year? No? Out it goes. Do you feel comfortable and confident in it? No? Gone! Is it a trendy piece that will be out of style in a couple months? Does it need to be altered? Is it versatile enough to wear with several different pieces for several different occasions? Once you’ve completed your first round of edits, count up how many garments you have. If you’re still teetering on triple digits, do another round of edits. Then another and another, until you’re at a number you are comfortable with.

Some people will create a capsule wardrobe for each season. This options allows you to maintain a small wardrobe that won’t stress you out when getting dressed in the morning, but also allow you to have fresh ‘new’ garments everytime you switch your wardrobe out for a new season.

You’ll want to be sure you find a sustainable way to get rid of the clothing, you’ve now edited. This might mean donating it to a local charity or thrift store. Make some extra cash by selling your pieces to a consignment or second hand store. You could even host a clothing swap. The important thing is, don’t contribute to our already overcrowded landfills by throwing your clothing in the trash!

There is no ‘right way’ of maintaining a capsule wardrobe. They will look different for everyone. The key is finding the one that fits your and your lifestyle best.

jillian clark