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“Call it eco-fashion if you like, but I think it’s just common sense.”

-Livia Firth

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Jillian ClarK

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Hi! I’m Jillian Clark, the founder and the storyteller behind MeWe. I’ve been a storyteller my whole career. In Boston, I told the stories of William Shakespeare and George Balanchine when I worked in the costume department of theater and ballet companies. In Los Angeles, I’ve told countless stories of real and fictional characters designing costumes for television and film. Now, I’m telling a new story about your clothing. Costume design and fashion design are not so different from each other. Costumes tell a nonverbal story about the character. Fashion tells the world a nonverbal story on who you are, where you come from and what you stand for. I want to help you tell your story.

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James Crosby



Behind every creative mind, there is someone making sense of the mess. When James isn't chasing the stoke across surf or snow, you can probably find him enjoying a burger at Hinano Cafe in Venice. 


Monique Figueiredo


Everything in-between

Monique is an environmentalist fanatic, grammar nerd and corgi lover. After she finishes her Sustainability Certificate at UCLA, this boss babe will be unstoppable.

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Change starts with one action. The ripples of that action are what, overtime, causes the world around us to evolve. MeWe wants to encourage that first action by changing the way we look at our clothing. In the fast fashion culture of 'buy cheap and buy often', we are, often unknowingly, contributing to the second largest producer of waste on the planet. We all get dressed in the morning. If in that action we set the intention to be more aware of our choices, we have the power to create change.

MeWe wants to empower people to make more informed decisions when shopping. How to shop sustainably, how to maximize your garments lifespan and how to reduce our contributions to overcrowded landfills.

MeWe’s up-cycled, one-of-a-kind clothing line was created with the intention of reducing the 13 billion tons of textile waste that go into US landfills every year. Our designs are made with fabric scraps, remnants and second hand clothing, all of which would have otherwise been considered unwearable. Our designs are constantly evolving, as we design based on what materials are available, instead of the other way around.

Made in the heart of Los Angeles.